Arrangements within the music—whether it’s salsa, Afro-Cuban, pop, folk music, or even rock ’n’ roll—drive the choreography in Jazz Roots Dance. Of course, show tunes aren’t ruled out either. The movement vocabulary is varied, from lyrical to Latin to theatrical, the way classical jazz dance was influenced by musical variations and infused with stylistic relevance.

Brian McCormick, Dance Studio Life, 2010

Jazz Roots Dance Company Performance Reel


  • Ain't Misbehavin'/ Joint is Jumpin' (7 Min. 30 Sec)- Click here for video.
  • All Blues (5 Min.)- A new work set in 6/8 times.

       Premiere: April 2017  Click here for video.

  • Blackbird (3 Min.) -  An innovative, exciting and atmospheric audience favorite where the lead dancer is suspended for the whole number.      Click here for video.

   Click here for video: "Blackbird" at Jazz Choreography Project at Peridance Capezio Theater, April 2016.

  • Bye Bye Blackbird (5 Min. 10 Sec) -  Classic Bob Fosse choreography, restaged by Sue Samuels.
  • Blackbird/Bye Bye (8 Min. 10 Sec) - Danced together as listed above. 
      Premiere: April 2013  Click here for video.
  • Black Sweat (4 Min.) -  Bold, jazzy and spicy solo piece to Prince music.
  • Down Into Muddy Water (4 Min.) Piece in the classic jazz dance style of Matt Mattox, choreographed by Bob Boross. 

          Premiere: August 2014 Click here for video.

  • The Emerald Forest (3 Min. 30 Sec) - An “animalistic” influenced jazz piece set in a visual forest.     Premiere: April 2012  Click here for video.
  • The Emerald Forest at Dance Safari (6 Min. 20 Sec)- The Emerald Forest performed at "Dance Safari" at Riverside Park

          Premiere: August 2012  Click here for video.

  • Fever (4 Min. 30 Sec) - A sultry, jazz dance with theatrical Flare.
     Premiere: 2011  Click here for video. 
  • Fly Me To The Moon (2 Min. 28 Sec) - A theatrical duet, sung by Frank Sinatra with the Count Basie Orchestra.
     Premiere: April 2013 Click here for video. 
  • Give My Regards To Broadway (3 Min. 30 Sec) - A splashy blast from the past of Broadway style choreography danced to the original voice recording of George M. Cohen.
  • It's About Time (8 Min. 30 Sec) - A classical jazz piece set to three different pieces of music with meters other than eight.

        Premiere: December 2014 Click here for video.

  • Jingle Jazz (5 Min. 15 Sec) - An upbeat holiday piece to a mix of several classic Christmas songs.
     Premiere: December 2012 Click here for video.
  • Jazz on the West Side (36 Min.) - A multi-media jazz dance celebration of love and relationships set to contemporary renditions of songs from West Side Story.

          Premiere: November 2014 Click here for video.

  • Let's Go Dance (3 Min.) - A lively, comical dance piece set in the pre-jazz era.
  • Listen (3 Min. 42 Sec) - A lyrical trio set to Beyonce's song from the Dream Girls Soundtrack.
     Premiere: 2011  Click here for video. 
  • Papa Was A Rolling Stone (11 Min.) - An energetic group piece in the classical jazz style. The choreography illustrates the musical composition as though the dancers' bodies are singing.
      Premiere: 2009 Click here for video. 

     Click here for video: short version (performed at the NYU Skirball Center with Emmy-Award winning Jason Samuels-Smith, June 2017)

  • Rat Pack (4 Min. 53 Sec) - Broadway theatre jazz set to medley of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.
      Premiere: 2009  Click here for video.
  • Route 66 (2 Min. 52 Sec) - A classic jazz piece set to the classic jazz hit Route 66.
     Premiere: November 2014  Click here for video.
  • Shaft Medley (8 Min.) - Ellie's Love Theme/Theme From Shaft; Danced together as listed below:
     Premiere: April 2013 Click here for video.
  • Steppin' Out With My Baby (4 Mins 11 Sec) - A classic jazz piece in the style of Luigi,  choreographed by Tammy O'Hara.

         Premiere: March 2014 Click here for video.

  • Ellie's Love Theme (3 Min. 30 Sec) - Classic lyrical jazz originally choreographed by JoJo Smith and restaged for the company.
  • Shaft (4 Min. 30 Sec) - An up-tempo jazz piece set in a true “classic jazz” style.
  • The Swing Is The Thing (4 Min.) - A bouncy swing number danced to the original composition written and recorded by Billy Grey with the Widespread Jazz Orchestra.
       Premiere: April 2013  Click here for video. 

           Click here for video (Performed at Dance Astoria, June 2017)

  • Take 5 (5 Min. 28 Sec) - A classic jazz expression of Dave Brubeck Quartet, top selling single of the 20th Century.
       Premiere: April 2013  Click here for video. 
  • Take 5 and Killer Joe improvisation (8 Min. 31 Sec)- "Take 5" performed with a live band, along with four minutes of improvisational dancing to live music.

           Premiere: November 2016  Click here for video (Performed at Hatch:The Works, November 2016)

Click here for video (Performed at Actors Fund Arts Center, January 2017)